Chopstix is a lean, mean wokking machine and you’ll love the sheer simplicity of our menu. Nourishing noodles, wholesome chicken and beautiful beef, cooked with fresh vegetables and superb sauces make us the ‘go to guys’ for boxed fresh flavours.


Our noodles and toppings are always available in our wok inspired Bain Marie displays and with our super simple ordering we serve all our customers in under a minute! Yep you heard that right, under a minute! We’re the fastest servers on the high street and because our recipes are so simple, we cook them just as quickly. If serving customers quickly was an Olympic sport we’d be the gold medallists every time!


Our food is so fresh it virtually jumps from our Woks to our Boxes! And it’s all down to our ‘wok master’ chefs delivering it every minute, of every hour, of every day! Nourishing noodles, wholesome chicken, beautiful beef and perfect prawns, cooked with fresh vegetables and superb sauces making us the ‘go to guys’ for boxed fresh flavours; just ask our customers!


And we know a thing or two about taste. Even though our dishes are simple, they are jam packed with Asian flavours that tantalise the taste buds. Whether you’re a Caramel Drizzler or a Salt & Pepper lip smacker, the Chopstix toppings range will take you to a world of wonder!

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Opening hours
Monday11am – 9pm
Tuesday11am – 9pm
Wednesday11am – 9pm
Thursday11am – 9pm
Friday11am – 9pm
Saturday11am – 9pm
Sunday11am – 9pm

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0207 112 8590
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