Smart Works arrives at Centrale & Whitgift

Female UK Unemployment Charity opens at Centrale & Whitgift

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Smart Works, the UK women’s unemployment charity is opening a brand-new centre in the heart of Croydon, at Centrale & Whitgift. The charity will help support women across South London and the surrounding areas with the clothing, coaching and confidence they need to get the job and transform their lives.

With an estimated 38,000 women unemployed across the South London boroughs, the charity will provide a lifeline for many who are facing increasingly challenging economic circumstances.

Smart Works has been running since 2013, starting in North London and has helped almost 30,000 women in the pursuit of employment. The core service is available to any unemployed woman with a confirmed job interview and includes a free high-quality interview outfit, hers to keep, and an hour with a trained volunteer coach providing personalised advice and support ahead of the interview.

When they get the job clients are welcomed back for a second dressing where they receive an additional five pieces to make up a capsule wardrobe.

72% of the women who currently use the Smart Works service go on to get a job within a month of their appointment.

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Speaking about the new opening, Kate Stephens, Smart Works CEO said:

“This is a milestone moment for Smart Works and our operations in London. The need for our service has never been greater and we know from the data we have that there are tens of thousands of unemployed women in this area who can benefit from a service like Smart Works.

Having a job means so much more than financial independence, for many it’s about a sense of identity and purpose. With this new centre we’ll be able to help thousands more women find that purpose, get the job and transform their lives.”

Ellie Walker-Todd, South London resident and previous Smart Works client said:

“The Smart Works service was truly transformative. It made me think differently about myself and what I can achieve. To know that this service will be more readily available to unemployed women in my local area is incredible. I can’t wait for more people to experience the confidence boost that I did when I came to Smart Works.”

About Smart Works

Smart Works is a dynamic, high profile and fast-growing UK charity that dresses and coaches unemployed women for success at their job interview. We empower each woman by giving her the clothes and the confidence she needs to succeed.

After visiting Smart Works, 72% secure a job within a month, gaining financial independence and transforming their lives.

Smart Works has been voted Social Action Charity of the Year.

Smart Works Charity, Charity No: 1080609


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